Toronto spring garden cleanups for 2015

Toronto has gone through a really rough winter and your garden beds are showing it! 

A spring garden cleanup is in order to get your garden off to a great 2015. I'll help with your gardening needs by:

  • removing leaves and debris from your garden beds left over from last fall
  • pruning away the dead stalks and leaves from old perennials
  • gently turning over and cultivate the soil in your garden beds, adding new compost or topsoil as necessary to rejuvenate the soil without chemical fertilizers
  • removing any annuals from last year
  • pruning shrubs and small trees for diseased, dead or crossing branches
  • edge, with a spade, your garden beds to create a crisp and tidy look

Call me at 416-515-2780 or email me  info@pauljunggardening.com to set up an appointment soon as my calendar becomes quickly filled starting April 1, 2015.

Tulipa kaufmanniana Allan Gardens Conservatory 2015 Spring Flower Show by Paul Jung Gardening Services Toronto


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