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Withrow Avenue Public School Silent Auction 2012

Well,  not earth shattering news, but I'm helping out good friends  in Toronto by donating a garden consultation to the top bidder to benefit their son's school. Withrow Ave. Public School is having a silent auction on February 23 and I wanted to help with a good cause:

"The Withrow Silent Auction is one of the main fundraising events for Withrow Avenue Public School and reaches out to over 400 families. Proceeds from the Auction support the learning environment for the children. In past years funds raised have been used to develop the greening committee, the safe arrival program, arts programming and library resources."

Thank you Sheila and Dave for this opportunity to give back to the community!


A blooming witch hazel in Toronto

"Arnold Promise" witch hazel (Hamamelis x intermedia "Arnold Promise")

arnold promise witch hazel bloom hamamelis x intermedia by Paul Jung Gardening Services Toronto

The 'Arnold Promise' witch hazel (Hamamelis x intermedia 'Arnold Promise') in the backyard blooms so reliably every March that it is, to me, the true harbinger of warmer days. Here are some shots from last year. I planted early spring-blooming bulbs like snowdrops and crocuses but they've been destroyed gradually by the squirrels over the years.


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